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Curriculum Overview

The School is organised into a number of Departments. Each department is led by a subject leader with overall responsibility for the academic support and development of pupils; they are supported by subject specialists.

Academic setting takes place in almost all subject areas following careful teacher assessment and movement between sets is constantly reviewed by subject leaders.. Students’ progress against target is tested and tracked every half term. This is then reported to parents – also every half term.

Key Stage Three, which encompasses Years 7, 8 & 9 includes all National Curriculum subjects, including RE, alongside Performing Arts and IT, . A summary of the KS3 Curriculum can be viewed here:

Curriculum Overview Year 7 2015-2016

Curriculum Overview Year 8 2015-2016

Curriculum Overview Year 9 2015-2016

Key Stage Four, Years 10 and 11, provides a wide range of academic and more vocational learning pathways designed to meet the needs of every pupil. The school’s curriculum is reviewed annually and in addition to statutory subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science and PE a wide range of optional subjects are available for study. Subjects currently available include Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Modern Foreign Languages, Business Studies, English Literature, Geography and History alongside Performing Arts, a variety of Technologies and many more.

Curriculum Overview Year 10 and 11 2015-2016

The Options process is structured to allow a variety of opportunity and diversity, whilst ensuring that the best possible future pathways, post 16, are available.You can read more about the options process and KS4 Curriculum here.

In addition to, and in support of, the faculties there is a substantial Learning Support faculty which caters for pupils with Special Educational Needs and ensures inclusion throughout the school.

On entry to the school pupils are placed in mixed ability pastoral tutor groups and remain within these groups
for the five years they are in school. This assists in the pastoral care of our young people as they progress through to Year 11; each year group is led by a Learning Manager who will be the main point of contact for all pastoral matters.

Should you require any further information regarding curriculum, please contact the Deputy Headteacher, Mrs A McGinty –