Curriculum Overview KS4

Curriculum Overview: 2015/16: Years 10 and 11

All Subjects follow the syllabus outlined by a specific Examination Board. For more detailed information regarding assessment methods, content and requirements please visit the website of the Examination Board concerned.


WJEC: Current Y11
AQA: Current Y10

Fiction (Reading fiction and creative writing) including:

  • creative writing from the 20th and 21st century, synthesis, analysis of language and structure focus critical evaluation
  • descriptive and narrative writing

Non-fiction (Writer’s viewpoints and perspectives) including:

  • non-fiction texts from the 19th, 20th and 21st century analysis of language and structure comparing different viewpoints from a range of texts from different time periods
  • writing about viewpoints on a variety of topics

Reading including:

  • a range of non-fiction
  • a range of reading strategies to decode for meaning
  • Comparison of texts
  • Analysis of language and structure

Writing including:

  • Writing in a variety of forms, including letters, article and reports
  • Using spelling, punctuation and grammar for clarity, purpose and effect


English Literature

WJEC: Current Y11
AQA: Current Y10

Year 10

  • Modern Drama: An Inspector Calls
  • 19th Century Fiction: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  • Poetry: AQA Poetry Anthology (Power and Conflict cluster)
  • Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

Year 11

  • Modern Drama: An Inspector Calls
  • Modern Prose: Heroes
  • Different Cultures Prose: Of Mice and Men/To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Poetry: A Range of Unseen Poetry
  • Controlled Assessment: Shakespeare and Poetry from the English Literary Heritage




Year 10 Including:

  • Ratio and proportion
  • Polygons, angles and parallel lines
  • Transformations
  • Fractions (revisited)
  • Indices, roots, reciprocals and hierarchy of operations (revisited)
  • Probability

Year 11 Including:

  • 3D Coordinates
  • Sequences and Patterns
  • 2 and 3D Shapes
  • Collecting Data ( Revisited)
  • Trial and Improvement
  • Construction and Loci
  • Simultaneous Equations (Revisited)




Planning and data collection Including:
Collecting or obtaining data and representing and analysing data

Processing, Sampling techniques Including:
Scatter diagrams, correlation and regression and Time series

Reasoning, interpreting and discussing results Including:
Predictions and Interpretation and conclusion

Probability Including:
Definitions and calculations and Discrete probability distributions





  • Bioenergetics
  • Homeostasis
  • Inheritance, variation and evolution
  • Ecology


  • Electricity
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism
  • Particles
  • Atomic structure
  • Space


  • Energy changes
  • Rates of reaction
  • Organic chemistry
  • Chemical analysis
  • Atmospheric chemistry




  • Changes to British Society 1890-1918
  • Civil Rights Depth Study
  • International Relations focusing on the Cold War



  • Edexcel A
  • River Landscapes
  • A Wasteful World
  • Coastal landscapes
  • A Tourist’s World
  • Economic change
  • Settlement change




Unit 4: Religion and Life: Islam:
Believing in Allah, Matters of Life and Death, Marriage and the Family and Community Cohesion

Unit 8: Religion and Society: Christianity and Islam:
Rights and Responsibilities, Environment and Medical issues, Peace and Conflict and Crime and Punishment




  • Abstract Art
  • Mock exam project
  • Final exam project
  • Natural Forms
  • Cultures
  • Street Art stencilling and spray painting
  • Portraits


Modern Languages

Foundation (C-G or new grades 4-1) or Higher level tier (A*-C or new grades 9-5)

Topics covered:

Identity and Culture: family life, technology in everyday life, free time activities, customs and festivals

Local, National and International areas of interest: home town and neighbourhood, region, social issues, global issues, travel and tourism

Current and Future study and employment : my studies, life at school, education post 16, career choices and ambitions

Grammar focus:

  • additional tenses eg subjunctive
  • extending vocabulary
  • giving complex reasons and opinions
  • using complex structures and more abstract reasoning




Anatomy and Physiology, Movement Analysis, Physical Training, Health Fitness and Wellbeing, Sport Psychology and Socio-Cultural Differences

One Team Sport, One Individual Sport, One Sport of the Student’s Choice and a 6 Week Personal Exercise Programme


PE Core


A wide range of sports and activities including:
Football, Netball, Fitness, Table Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Volleyball, Dance, Rugby, Rounders, Athletics and Cricket





  • Script: ‘Blood Brothers’
  • Improvisation
  • Theatre in Education
  • Physical theatre
  • Script (choice)
  • Devised Thematic





  • Impact of Engineering
  • Pewter Casting
  • Engineering Drawings with Accuracy
  • CNC
  • Electronics

Projects: one from: Steady Hand Game, Solar Garden Light, Car Badge/Jewellery Making


Product Design


Design and Make a Set Product using the following stages:

  • Research
  • Design and Develop
  • Plan and Manufacture
  • Test and Evaluate
  • Communicate


Child Development


  • Parenthood
  • Pregnancy
  • Diet, health and care of the child
  • Development of the child
  • Support for the parent and child
  • Research Task
  • Child Study




Unit 1 Studying Society; Education Including:

  • Social Processes, Socialisation, Social Control and Social Change
  • Variations in Educational Achievement in terms of class, gender and ethnicity

Unit 2 Crime and Deviance; Mass Media; Power; Social Inequality Including:

  • Different Sociological Explanations of criminal and deviant behaviour
  • The ways in which the media may encourage stereotyping
  • Opportunities for, and limitations on, participation in the political process
  • The unequal distribution of wealth, income, status and power




Unit 1 Including:

  • Fibres and Fabrics
  • Finishing Processes
  • Components
  • Design and market influences
  • Product analysis
  • Social, Cultural, Moral, Health and Safety and Environment Issues

Unit 2

  • Design and Making Task


Business & Communication Systems



  • Business Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Presentation and Graphics
  • Types of Businesses
  • Functions of a Business
  • Controlled Assessment


Computer Science


Computer Systems Including:

  • Systems architecture
  • Memory
  • Storage

Computational Thinking, Algorithms and Programming Including:

  • Translators and facilities of languages
  • Algorithms
  • High and low-level programming

Programming Project Including:

  • Programming techniques
  • Design
  • Development




Listening to and Appraising Music Including:
Western Classical Tradition, Popular Music and World Music

Composing and Appraising Music Including:
Composition and Musical Score

Performing Music Including:
Individual Performance and Technology-Based Performance

Composing Music Including:
Composition and Musical Score


Leisure and Tourism


The Leisure and Tourism Industry Including:
Business Operations and Factors Influencing Customer Choice

Sales, Promotion and Operations Including:
The Use of Promotional Techniques and Materials

The Leisure and Tourism Environment Including:
UK Tourist Destinations and Sustainability

Customers and Employment Including:
Visitor Attractions and Providing Differing Customer Services


Health and Social Care


Understanding Personal Development and Relationships Including:
Factors Affecting Human Growth, Development and Relationships

Exploring Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision Including:
Provision, Access and the Barriers to Access

Promoting Health and Wellbeing Including:
Factors and Indicators Affecting and Promoting and Supporting Health and Wellbeing

Health, Social Care and Early Years in Practice Including:
The Range of Care Needs and Promoting and Supporting Health Improvement




  • Vector graphic tools – CorelDRAW
    Bitmap editing tools – Adobe PhotoShop
  • Completion of graphic products unit
    Creating an e-portfolio to present graphic products