Admissions Policy

Admission Arrangements for 2018/19 Academic Year

Pleckgate High School has an agreed admission number of 270 pupils into year 7.

All preferences expressed will be considered equally. If the number of children requiring admission does not exceed 270 all the children will be offered admission. If the number of children requiring admission exceeds 270, then the admissions authority (the Academy Trust) will consider all preferences equally against the oversubscription criteria shown below.

Process of Application

Applications for places at the School will be made in accordance with Blackburn with Darwen LA’s co-ordinated admissions arrangements and will be made on the Common Application Form provided and administered by the child’s home LA. The School will use the following timetable for applications

  • September to October 31st 2017 – Applications for Sept 2018 admissions can be made via the LA admissions process by either applying on-line on the LA website or by completing the Common Application Form (available in the LA booklet).
  • October 31st 2017 – National Closing date for submission of Common Application Form to the home LA.
  • March 1st 2018 – offers made to parents by home LA

Admission criteria in the event Pleckgate High School is oversubscribed

Where the number of applications is greater than the published admission number, all applications will be considered equally and against the criteria set out below.

Children with either an education, health and care plan or a statement for special educational needs for whom the School is named in the plan/statement will be admitted first. The remaining applicants who have named the School as a 1st 2nd or 3rd preference will then be considered equally against the School’s admission policy, in the priority order given below:

(a)     ‘Looked after’ children and children who were previously ‘looked after’ but immediately after being looked after were adopted or became subject to a residence/child arrangement order, or special guardianship order. ‘Looked after’ means that the child was (a) in the care of a local authority, or (b) being provided with accommodation by a local authority in the exercise of their social services functions.

(b)     Children with an older sibling (sibling means a brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, not cousins, or the child of the parent/carer’s partner, and in every case, the child must be living in the same family unit at the same address) who will still be attending the School when the younger child is admitted;

(c)   Children with proven and exceptional medical, social or welfare needs which are directly relevant to the School. If you wish to be considered under this category there is certain evidence you must provide. Please see the note below which provides full details regarding the application of this criterion.

(d)   Children who live nearest the school (geographical proximity). Under this category, the remaining places will be offered to children who live nearest to the School. The distance will be measured by the Local Authority in a straight line between the home front door and the main gate of the school using a computer.


If category (b) to (d) is oversubscribed, geographical proximity (as set out in category (d)) will be used as the ‘tie-breaker’ to decide between the remaining cases. Places will be offered to children who live nearest to the School The distance will be measured by the Local Authority in a straight line between the home front door and the main gate of the School using a computer. If after measuring distances it is still not possible to decide on the child/ren to be offered admission (for example two children living in the same block of flats or in the same house) the Local Authority’s system of random allocation will be used to decide which of the children can be offered a place. The draw will take place at the Local Authority’s offices, and the names will be drawn by a local authority officer who is independent of the admissions process.

For September 2017 admissions, the School received 333 applications for 270 places.

Priority for Twins/Multiple births

If an application has been made for places for twins/ triplets/2 or more siblings in the same year group and insufficient places are left within the published admission number (i.e. one of the siblings is the last child who can be admitted within that number) it may be possible for the School to offer places to the other sibling(s) in the birth group.

NOTE – Criterion (c) Medical, Social, Welfare reasons

If you feel that there are exceptional medical/social/welfare needs relating to your child which support the need for your child to attend a particular school, and wish your application to be considered under criterion (c) you must state this on your application form AND provide appropriate written supporting evidence for your application from a doctor, social worker or other professional. This evidence must explain why the School is the most suitable and what difficulties would be caused if the child had to attend another school.

This evidence should accompany the application form. If necessary, parents can submit the application form and send the supporting evidence at a later date but the supporting evidence MUST be received by the Local Authority on or before the closing date for applications. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the Local Authority receives the supporting evidence.

If you do not provide the supporting evidence on or before the closing date, then it will not be possible to consider your application under the medical/social/welfare criterion,

Please bear in mind the following points in relation to this criterion –

  1. only exceptional reasons associated with the child and directly relevant to the suitability of that specific school (i.e. showing why the child needs to be admitted to that particular school) are normally accepted under this criterion
  2. all schools can make provision for special educational needs and can also manage common conditions – e.g. asthma, diabetes, epilepsy

After the closing date, during the early stages of the allocations process, all applications which have requested consideration on the grounds of medical/social/welfare need are considered separately by a panel from the Admission Authority. This involves considering all statements and evidence provided by parents to support the application. The panel may, at their own discretion, contact parents/carers and third parties (with parental consent) to request further information where this is needed to reach a decision.

The Panel’s focus in assessing each claim for consideration under this criterion will be to assess whether the evidence provided (a) actually confirms that this child has an exceptional medical/social/welfare need AND (b) demonstrates a clear and exceptional need for this child to attend that specific school for reasons arising from the exceptional medical/social/welfare need.

Where the reasons claimed are not considered exceptional or do not disclose an exceptional need for the child to attend that specific school, then the application will be dealt with under the other admission criteria for the School.

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