Freedom of Publication Policy

1. Introduction 

1.1 Education Partnership Trust (EPT) is committed to being open and transparent. We aim to publish as much information as possible online and in response to frequently asked questions. This policy and publication scheme applies to all the Trust’s Academies.

2. Your rights 

2.1 The Freedom of Information Act gives you the opportunity to request information which we keep. Statutory guidance on the Act can be found at .

3. How to request information 

3.1 Please submit email Freedom of Information (FOI) requests to

3.2 To make a request in writing please send it to: Freedom of Information, Education Partnership Trust, Pleckgate Road, Blackburn, BB1 8QA.

3.3 With all FOI requests, please include a name and full postal address as part of your application, together with a telephone contact number.

4. Publication Scheme 

4.1 EPT’s Publication Scheme reflects the Information Commissioner’s model publication scheme. For more information about publication schemes, please visit the Information Commissioner’s office website:

4.2 This guide lists information which we have made a commitment to make available. Our aim is to make information available whenever we can legally do so, except where we consider release would cause significant harm. In such cases, we will withhold information under an appropriate exemption in the FOI Act. We must also comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998 and respect the privacy of individuals. If the information you require is not included in the publication scheme, you can still ask if we have it and, if so, request to see it.

4.3 Information available on our websites is free for you to access. Hard copy documents will be charged for in line with our charges detailed below, unless otherwise stated.

4.4 Please see the following table for details of publication scheme. Please note due to the development of the EPT, not all documents may be available at every Academy.

Table 1: Who we are and what we do 

Information to be published How the information can be obtained
Who’s who on the Trust Board and the Academy Governing Body Website
Contact details for the Head teacher and for the Governing Body (via Academy) Academy website
Articles of Association Hardcopy
School Prospectus Hardcopy and Academy website
Curriculum Outline Academy website
Annual Report Trust and Academy website
School session times and term dates Academy website
Location and contact information Academy website

Click here to download the Freedom of Publication policy in full