COVID-19 Advice for Year 11

Advice for Year 11 pupils who are going to College or Sixth Form

If you have applied to a College or Sixth form you are advised to visit their website. Many have information about applying online and also suggested learning activities that you can do between now and when you start your courses.

Some of the colleges are included in the College Bridging offer document. If your college or Sixth form is not listed in this document please go directly to their website.

 College bridging offers Y11s updated 7.5.20.docx


Advice for Year 11 pupils who are going to complete an Apprenticeship

If you are a Year 11 student and you are worried about the apprenticeship you have applied to, or you are wanting to apply to an apprenticeship the Lancashire Forum have put together a comprehensive guide to applying and also how to make contact to get reassurance on any concerns.

 Year 11 and 13 Apprenticeship Support May 20.pdf


There is also the Lancashire Forums “Sorted” website which allows you to explore your options as an apprentice.