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We advise all parents and carers to keep an eye on their child or teenager’s involvement in Facebook or Twitter discussions, BBM broadcasts and general mobile phone activity.   Further advice and information is available at:


With the growing use of mobile phone cameras, Ipads and computers with webcams young people are finding themselves at increased risk from sharing images that they should not be sharing.  Young people are more at risk of sexual exploitation when using this technology.

Here at Pleckgate we are going to be delivering lessons during PHSE to help young people to deal with these kinds of situations.  However, as parents you might find yourself needing some support in order to deal with these situations with your own children.  There are lots of resources out there on the internet but one of the best can be found here;


Here you will find help and guidance on how to deal with these incidents including videos to explain some of the issues.

If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the school, we will be happy to help.   Each year group has a Learning Manager attached, please see details below.

Year 11:  Zoe Millest zmillest@pleckgate.com
Year 10: Stuart Cadman scadman@pleckgate.com
Year 9: James Clegg jclegg@pleckgate.com
Year 8: Camilla Ashford cashford@pleckgate.com
Year 7: Nikki Hartley nhartley@pleckgate.com