Language and Reading Strategy

Language and reading are central to learning at Pleckgate High School. To support language
acquisition and reading, teachers will work with your child to develop vocabulary in each
subject area. We will encourage your child to read regularly in each subject. We will support your child to write well in each subject. We value reading for pleasure as much as we value reading for learning.

Our strategy is influenced by research into teaching and learning published by the Education
Endowment Foundation (EEF). We intend to improve vocabulary and reading skills in all
subjects. In addition to reading for pleasure we intend to make reading for learning a central
focus of school life and routines. Whether we’re reading in the Library or the classroom, we’ll
use a stepped approach to developing vocabulary and reading in all subjects.

Our stepped approach includes:

  • Talk like a specialist: we will provide targeted vocabulary instruction in every subject
  • Read like a specialist: we will develop students’ ability to read complex academic texts
  • Write like a specialist: we will combine writing instruction with reading in every subject.

Each academic term will focus on a key Area of Language and Reading

  • Autumn term: Talk like a specialist
  • Spring term: Read like a specialist
  • Summer term: Write like a specialist