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Accelerated Reader (AR) is a website used by teachers and parents to improve or “accelerate” their reading skills.

Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes are available on most fiction and non-fiction books in the form of reading practice quizzes and vocabulary quizzes.

Students in 7Q band and 8Q band are enrolled on the Accelerated Reader programme.

Every term, students will complete a STAR reading test in school. This will give each student a reading age, a book level and a reading target. Following each term’s STAR test, the student’s reading age should be showing improvement.

Following the first STAR test of the year, each student will be asked to read a book from their book level. When they have finished the book, they will log onto the Accelerated Reader website to complete a quiz on the book they have read. Students must achieve 60% or more to pass the quiz. Students can quiz regularly on their iPads and gain points for the number of quizzes passed.

Students’ achievements for reading and quizzing will be rewarded with certificates and recognised on display boards in school.

The biggest achievement for readers is being rewarded with the title of ‘Millionaire Reader’; for reading over a million words and is celebrated for all students.

Our school librarian, Mrs Hanson, also runs a raffle each term. Each student that passes 10 quizzes or more in that term is entered into the draw. A winner from each Year group is randomly chosen to win a prize.

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