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Curriculum Research

Our aim at Pleckgate High School is to provide an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum that will challenge every pupil to achieve their full potential. Each knowledge rich subject curriculum relies on teachers with highly developed subject knowledge and a clear understanding of how to expertly teach (pedagogy).

We want our pupils to become successful, confident and independent learners, therefore the way they are taught by teachers is important. We encourage all staff at Pleckgate to use research, reflective and collaborative practice as part of their planning.

Research on effective subject specific learning is essential in order for the curriculum to be understood successfully. All of our staff are members of the Chartered College and are able to utilise key research in areas such as metacognition, development of the long-term memory and cognitive load theory.  Subject Leaders are also members of The National College, which allows them additional access to curriculum-based research in order that subject specific knowledge, curriculum design and implementation is well informed.

Teachers work with their colleagues in school and through local networks or subject associations, as we continuously learn.  In the spirit of being an outward looking school, we want to share with you some of our strategies across a range of subject areas, focussing on effective pedagogy and research in the classroom.

In the last academic year, a number of staff actively participated in a research and pedagogy group where they used up to date research in their teaching to support pupils with their learning.  Some of the projects have been written up and can be read on this website. Some of the theories which have been used are Dual Coding; Reciprocal Reading; Flooded Input and Rosenshine’s Principles.

“Pupils feel happy and safe at Pleckgate High School. This is because they feel part of a caring community.”

Ofsted 2023

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