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Year 10 Assessments begin on Monday 22nd April.
Year 8 Parents Evening is on Tuesday 30th April.

Information for Parents

To assist pupils in finding their future education and career pathways we have created a full school careers plan (which can be found on the careers policy page) with a list of the outcomes we wish to achieve. That way you can track your child’s journey through school.  We understand how important career decisions are.

Therefore, the Parents Career Information section of the website is designed to assist you with that process – by providing you with a range of resources that can help you.  As you scroll down there are interactive links.  Please also explore the links for:

  • SEND Careers information
  • Apprenticeships
  • Local labour market
  • Useful links page.

Careers Advice is not just for Young People, Parents/Carers also need support to help young people make tough and challenging decisions.  Careers advice for parents is a website that has been set up by careers professionals and recommended by the UK Career Development Institute.

Careers Advice for Parents aims to give you an easy-to-read overview of all the essential facts on finding jobs and apprenticeships or choosing further and higher education courses which could make a real difference to your child’s future career prospects.’

Overview of CEIAG at Pleckgate High School

Year 7 – Children have an introduction to a number of different types of jobs/careers in lessons and Tutor time. Introduction to skills needed in various roles.

Year 8 – Children have a continuation of careers and guidance information in tutor time and lessons as well as developing their knowledge of employment, local labour market information and skills required.

Year 9 – Children have a continuation of careers and guidance information in lessons and trips, as well as teaching them about education and career pathways. This is shared through information and guidance provided by teachers and employers. In addition they will be introduced to the Local Labour Market information to support your choices for key stage 4 options.

Year 10 – Children have a continuation of careers and guidance information in lessons, visiting employers and departmental trips. Teaching them about their options for key stage 5 education and employment. Children will receive a one to one interview to help them navigate the decisions they will be making for the end of year 11.This is inclusive of CV writing, personal statements, interview skills and workplace visits.

Year 11 – Children have a continuation of careers and guidance information in lessons, visiting employers and departmental trips. We will support them in their decisions and applications to Colleges, Sixth forms and Apprenticeships. This is inclusive of updating their CV, personal statements and interview skills.


Every pupil has access to Unifrog. Your child’s login details will be their school email and they will need to create a password.

Y7 & Y8 Unifrog- Allows children to explore different careers that they may never have even heard of as well as the ones that have already started to spark their interest.

Y9 Unifrog- Allows children to learn about the different subjects they could study at key stage 4 and what types of subjects are needed for careers they’re interested in.

Y10 and Y11- Gives children access to College, Sixth form and Apprenticeship courses that they are interested in applying for.  It helps them to record their skills and experiences that make them employable or an ideal candidate for a specific course. It allows them to write their CV, personal statements and track their applications.

For more information please contact our Careers, Education, Information and Guidance coordinator Miss J Blears.

“Staff deliver a well ordered programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance across all year groups”

Ofsted 2023

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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