Dear future Year 7’s

Hello, my name is Katie and I am 12 years old.  I am currently in year seven at Pleckgate and I was apprehensive about the thought of going to high school in year six.  I went to Roe Lee Park primary and I loved it there so I was worried that I was not going to enjoy a different school.  I was worried about leaving my old school and all of my friends because a lot were going to different schools and I just wished they could have come to the same school as me.

Now that I am actually in high school I have realised that there was actually nothing to be worried about as I still have contact with all of my friends.  I talk to them daily and although I miss them a lot, I have made lots of new friends.  I have gained friendships with people from my primary that I never used to be friends with and people from other schools.

At Pleckgate there are many curriculums to participate in that you can gain friends from such as, football, netball, table tennis, art etc.  There are many trips available to go on depending on your presentation and punctuality.  There are a lot more subjects in Pleckgate than primary.

I’m sure you will have heard about all of the myths like: high school is full of bullies, you will get your head flushed in the toilet, there are horrible teachers, it is very very strict.  Well, none of these are true.  All of the teachers will support you with any worries or problems and there is nothing to be afraid of.  You will quickly adapt to these new surroundings and find it a lot easier than primary.

Yours sincerely




A year ago, I was in a similar situation to you, as in I was sat wondering about my future moving into high school.  I spent many nights worrying about the big change I was about to experience.  However, looking back on things I now realise that I had nothing to worry about because I was about to embark on a journey with the best teachers I have ever met.  I went to Lammack Primary School with a close group of friends and I had thought that moving to Pleckgate would mean we would be split up and I would not have many friends.  This is not the case as I have made so many more friends and my confidence has improved a lot.

The experiences I have gone through at Pleckgate are incredible and I look forward to the next four years of my time at this school.  So far, I have been on several trips including trips that taught me more about the town we live in.  The number of opportunities you will get at Pleckgate is endless and they range from extra support from teachers to joining teams that play sports.  For example, I am on the netball team and this has allowed me to socialise with people that I have never met and learn a new sport whilst I am at it.

If you are worried about what is to be expected of you in Pleckgate, the teachers just ask you to be yourself and respect those around you.  I have never faced any kind of issues in Pleckgate such as bullying or stress from not understanding the work.  Your tutor will make the experience so much easier for you and eventually you will begin to think that the people in your year are like family.  You should talk to a parent or someone you trust if you are worried and they will ensure that there is nothing to be worried about.

I look forward to seeing you in Pleckgate next year.




Hello year 6s.

I am writing to tell you all about my movement from St Thomas CE primary school.  To start with I was very worried about making new friends as none of my primary school friends were going to come to Pleckgate High School.  I remember on the very first day of high school we stayed in tutor for the entire day except for break and lunch.  This helped me make new friends and also made me feel happy.  I then knew that I was worried for absolutely nothing at all.  I had also been worried about finding my way to the classes I needed to be in but again I was worried for absolutely nothing at all because on induction day we were all given a map of the school but if you still couldn’t find your way to your classes the teachers were always there to help you find your way around the school.

At Pleckgate High School we have these special days called super learning days.  These days are the most bestest days because we stay in tutor and then we would always have a certain task that would involve teamwork.  The school dinners at Pleckgate High are delicious you can never say no to them!

Here at Pleckgate High School we all get a special treat for doing good work in your classes.  I was rewarded with a trip to Blackburn Museum for my good work in history.  There are so many subjects that you do not do in primary school like food tech and wood tech.  There are many lessons that you may enjoy, some of the lessons I like are Maths, PSHE and history.

It’s a very big change from primary to secondary school but trust me there is nothing to worry about because you are coming to the best school.

Good luck and I hope I see you all in year 7.




I went to Cedars Primary School and chose Pleckgate High School as my first choice.  Moving from primary to secondary school can be a very nerve wracking experience and frightening in many cases, however you will very quickly settle in to Pleckgate due to the environment and the support from the teachers and pupils.  You will find some familiar faces from your primary school and local clubs outside school which helped me settle in much sooner than expected.  There are some lessons that you might not have experienced in primary school like food tech, wood tech, practical science etc which will be a brand new experience.  Additional to this at Pleckgate High School there are a lot of opportunities to get involved in sports, as for myself I am in the school Football and Cricket Team, as such we won the leagues during 2019/20 season.

There are a lot of extracurricular activities that are held after school, for example some extracurricular activities to improve your learning with maths, English, science and a lot more.  Also there are a lot of sports that take place after school like football, table tennis, badminton, cricket in the summer and loads more.

I hope the above message provides you with a level of ease and confidence when walking into Pleckgate High School on your first day, I look forward to meeting you during your time at Pleckgate.




I attended Daisyfield Primary School.  I am now in year 7 at Pleckgate high school.

When I had found out that I had got a place at Pleckgate I was so happy and excited.  I had heard many rumours about Pleckgate that you get lots of homework, teachers are mean and you get bullied.  All that is not true, everyone helps you.  If you are worried about anything you should go to your tutor or head of year and they will immediately solve it.

At Pleckgate I enjoy learning history as it is very different to what you learn in primary.  In Pleckgate you get more subjects than you do in primary.  You could also get involved in many extra clubs such as sports and intervention.  If you are very lucky and have been completing your work really well you could go on trips.  What I also love about Pleckgate is that they are always understanding no matter what.

I hope you have found reading this really helpful

Hope to see you soon

From Aisha

Arriving at Pleckgate

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