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Pleckgate Communicating with Parents

At Pleckgate we actively engage with our community to ensure effective communication. This allows for a collaborative approach to support our pupils.

We value the contribution our parents make to our school through their dedication to:

Attendance Our parents know the importance of good attendance, supporting and motivating their child to be in school and punctual.

Supporting learning at home -Having regular conversations about progress, ensuring homework is completed and supporting organisation skills.

Supporting the ethos of the school – Teaching their child strong morals, attending to their well being and building aspirations.

Pleckgate High school regularly communicates with the parents of our pupils to ensure effective communication between school and home.

We do this through the means of:

SIMS  Parent App

The SIMS Parent App allows parents to see their child’s timetable, attendance, behaviour and achievement, enabling swift and effective communication between school and home.

Parents also have access to interim progress reports for their child.

SIMS Parent App allows parents to update and amend their own personal contact details. This will ensure that any changes will automatically be updated once we have confirmed them.

If you need any support with downloading the App or more information regarding this process, please contact the school at with SIMS App in the subject line.

Home School Agreement

Pleckgate High School values the importance of working closely together with parents and carers.  We use the Home School Agreement to make it clear from the outset what we as a school will provide for our pupils. Our parents pledge their support and help in a number of straightforward ways enabling us to work together to make sure our pupils succeed.

To read our Home School Agreement please use this link

Communicating progress

In order to keep parents informed of their child’s progress and behaviour and attendance, the school communicates through:

Parents evenings – to meet individual teachers and other staff who support each child’s learning.

Progress reports – giving a review of the pupil’s progress and their next steps.

Raising Attainment evenings – parents are invited to meet with a senior leader to review a pupil’s progress should they be below where they would be expected to be.


Pleckgate school website has a wide range of useful and statutory information ready for our parents allowing them to have quick access to the information they require.

Please find the link to:

Why Pleckgate?


Personal Development






Our parents receive regular letters sent directly to their email address for swift and effective communication.  Allowing our parents to be updated on up and coming events, information and intervention for their child.

Should you need to update your email address, you can use the SIMS Parent App or please contact the school at with ‘Contact Details’ in the subject line.

Latest News and  Social media

In addition to direct communication with parents through the SIM’s app and E-letters we also put our newsletters, upcoming events and school news on our School website and Twitter account.

Please use the link to see our latest news at Pleckgate High school

We can be found on Twitter


Careers communication

To assist pupils in finding their future education and career pathways we have created a full school careers plan (which can be found on the careers policy page) with a list of the outcomes we wish to achieve. That way you can track your child’s journey through school.  

Therefore, the Parents Career Information section of the website is designed to assist you with that process – by providing you with a range of resources that can help.  As you scroll down there are interactive links.  

In addition to the information on our website we send termly Newsletters home updating our parents on the Careers provision for their children as well as upcoming events.

Please also explore the links for Careers

Parents communicating with school

Pleckgate High school values parents’ views and their input. Below are the ways parents can communicate with us so we can work collaboratively to support our school community.

Parent voice

We take the opportunity to gather feedback on a regular basis from our Parents through online surveys. Parents complete an online survey to support our ongoing journey in providing an Outstanding education and experience for our pupils.

General enquiries

Should a parent have a general enquiry they can choose to make contact via telephone or email.

The contact information can be found here

Visits to the school

On arrival at the school all visitors report to Reception. General enquiries are often able to be answered by our Reception team.

Visitors wishing to meet individual members of staff are requested to make appointments beforehand. To arrange this your initial contact will be Reception. 

The contact information can be found here

On arrival parents report to Reception to sign in and receive their visitors badge. Parents will wait in reception whilst the member of staff is informed of their arrival.

Parent Partnership Group

At Pleckgate High School we really understand the importance of listening to our community. We like our parents to be involved and to support our drive to continue to provide an Outstanding education for our pupils.
Pleckgate High School has a Parent Partnership group who meet every half term to discuss various aspects of school life from a parental perspective. There are key focus points in the meetings, all of which support the academic progress and wellbeing of our pupils.
The impact of our Parent Partnership meetings is shared on our school website.

Click here for Actions from March 2023

Click here for Actions from October 2022



Voicing concerns

Pleckgate High school is committed to listening to parents’ concerns. Should you have a concern, your child’s Heads of Year should be contacted in the first instance. 

It is always the aim of the school to resolve issues and concerns informally but a school Complaints Policy exists for parents who feel that any issues have not been satisfactorily addressed. 

To read our Complaints Policy please use this link

Tel: 01254 249134 or

Miss G Morris – Assistant Headteacher
Mrs S Makba – Parent Governor

“The Community of Pleckgate has a local secondary school it can be proud of.  It provides an excellent education for all its pupils. They flourish in a bright, positive and secure environment”

Ofsted 2019

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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