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Please note: School closes for the Summer term on Friday 19 July 2024 at 12.10pm.

100% attendance!

Pleckgate High School has boasted a 95.19 per cent attendance this school year so far as pupils admit they don’t like missing school.

A large number of pupils have chalked up 100 per cent attendance during their years at the school.

One of them Bilal Ahmed is in Year 10 and Bilal, who has just sat his Maths GCSE a year early, admitted: “I have been slightly ill a few times but my mum won’t let me miss school so I don’t think I will ever have a day off!”

Zainab Amar, also in Year 10 and another who has just completed her Maths GCSE a year early, said: “I didn’t know I hadn’t had a day off school but, like Bilal, my mum won’t let me.”

Year 10 pupil Afeefah Patel also has a 100 per cent record while Year Nine pupil Mohamad Juber Kaif said: “I don’t like missing school.”

Head teacher Mark Cocker said: “We have a strong attendance record here at Pleckgate, the parents of our pupils know how important school is and I think it shows in our GCSE results. Last year were our best ever GCSE results and we hope we can surpass that this August.”

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