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Anne Frank Trust

Pleckgate’s Year 8 pupils discussed prejudice and discrimination with a visit from the Anne Frank Trust.
Pleckgate became a prestigious Anne Frank Trust Link Schools last year, promoting a society safe from prejudice and discrimination and they work closely with the Trust to do this.
Selected Year 8s had a two-day visit from the Trust who talked about Anne Frank’s life on the first day and then a workshop on the second day. The pupils can then decide if they want to apply to be Anne Frank Ambassadors.
Sam Winnard, from the Anne Frank Trust, said: “We have spent two days with the pupils at Pleckgate, all about challenging prejudice.
“The pupils are great, their views are so mature and it’s been lovely to hear from them.”
Year 8 Aaminah said: “We learnt about the timeline of what happened to Anne Frank on the first day and then we have had workshops on discrimination and prejudice on the second day.
“You could write a poem or make a poster. I have quite strong views about Islamophobia so I wrote a poem about it, about stereotyping and how the whole religion may be viewed. It is something I am very passionate about.”
Head of Religion and World Views Mrs Savage said: “We have worked with the Anne Frank Trust UK for a number of years and the work they do with young people is phenomenal.
“Our pupils have been inspired to be a voice against all forms of prejudice and discrimination and we were delighted that Michael Josephson MBE was able to join us to hear the presentations from our pupils.”
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