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School will be closed on Monday 17th June due to a Staff Inset Day. School will reopen on Tuesday 18th June at 8.20am.

Below is an account from one of the pupils of their visit to Blackburn Cathedral and Jaame Masjid Mosque:

“I enjoyed going to Blackburn Cathedral. We firstly learnt about the history of the Cathedral and where its name originated from. We also had a tour inside the Cathedral and learnt about the different features. We also got to ask a local Priest and two people training to be Priests all about Christianity and the role it plays in their life. My favourite experience was when we viewed and studied the different artefacts in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism and Judaism.

I also enjoyed visiting the mosque, we watched a practical demonstration of how to perform ablution and also the different prayer positions. My favourite part was when Imam Salim made us realise why daily actions connected to the five pillars of Islam are so important.

Overall, we all had a great day learning and socialising with our peers. We learnt why different religions are important to their followers and I would definitely love to go on a trip like this again.”

By Sofia Desai

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