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Date for the diary: Year 10 Parents Evening is on 5th March from 4-7pm.

Charity Bake Sale for Earthquake Disaster

Pleckgate’s Anne Frank Ambassadors helped to fundraise for Turkey and Syria after the recent earthquake.

The Ambassadors decided to hold a bake sale to raise funds for the disaster.

Computer Science teacher Miss Hamid also got involved, asking pupils to wear red – the colour of the Turkish flag – and donate money.

Head of Religion and World Views Mrs Savage said: “Our students are always so generous, so we are sure we will raise lots to help those suffering.”

Hudaa said: “We share the same home, earth, and can’t just standby and let people living in our homeland be in pain and suffer. We are all a community and, as the Pleckgate community, it’s important to be involved.”

Maryam said: “It’s important to help other people. There is so much suffering and we have the opportunity and it’s a privilege to help others.”

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