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School will be closed on Monday 17th June due to a Staff Inset Day. School will reopen on Tuesday 18th June at 8.20am.

Charity Bake Sale for Earthquake Disaster

Pleckgate’s Anne Frank Ambassadors helped to fundraise for Turkey and Syria after the recent earthquake.

The Ambassadors decided to hold a bake sale to raise funds for the disaster.

Computer Science teacher Miss Hamid also got involved, asking pupils to wear red – the colour of the Turkish flag – and donate money.

Head of Religion and World Views Mrs Savage said: “Our students are always so generous, so we are sure we will raise lots to help those suffering.”

Hudaa said: “We share the same home, earth, and can’t just standby and let people living in our homeland be in pain and suffer. We are all a community and, as the Pleckgate community, it’s important to be involved.”

Maryam said: “It’s important to help other people. There is so much suffering and we have the opportunity and it’s a privilege to help others.”

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