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Class of 2023 at the Annual Achievement Evening

Head teacher Mrs McGinty praised the ‘special’ Class of 2023 at the Annual Achievement Evening.

Mrs McGinty said that when the year group arrived in 2018 that ‘there was something special about them’ and they left in 2023 as one of Pleckgate’s success stories.

She said: “They have shown kindness, maturity and resilience and always supported each other. They have respected and celebrated each other’s achievements and have been role models for the younger pupils.”

The guest speaker was Education Partnership Trust Finance Director Jonathan Georgy who spoke about his own career path. Mr Georgy has also been a governor at Pleckgate.

He admitted: “I didn’t have a clue what to do with my career but I thought Accounting sounded interesting so I took it as one of my A-Levels.

“I didn’t want to go to university so I found employment and took my accountancy qualifications to eventually become a Chartered Accountant.

“People can see accountancy as boring but accountants have the power to change the world.

“They help to develop government policies with the budget, budgets are needed for world issues like climate change and organisations like Asda, Apple, Amazon and Manchester United Football Club all need accountants.

“For me, I am not a teacher but I get to contribute to making a difference to young people and education.

“I oversee the schools, make sure they have sufficient funding so we can access the best teachers, the best equipment and ensuring the school buildings are safe and secure.

“It’s not just luck that’s got me to where I am. It’s been hard work, I have challenged myself, I have been brave and I took the path that was right for me.”

The GCSE Prize was presented to Ahmed Abedlrahman, Amani Sarodia and Aliyah Banghi, who all achieved eight Grade 9s in their results, as well as Sabiha Tanisha with six Grade 9s and Faheemah Fatakiya with five 9s, among their results.

The English Language Award was awarded to ‘excellent writer with a love of English’ Aisha Patel while the English Literature Award was given to Ahmed Abedlrahman, who only joined the school in Year 9 from another country, but was hard-working and motivated to achieve a Grade 8.

The Mathematics Award went to Sufyan Hussain who was praised for having ‘a flair for maths’ and achieved a Grade 9 in Maths and Further Maths.

The Further Maths Award was given to Aliyah Bangi for her hard-work and determination.

Madni Azeem had a ‘remarkable passion for scientific enquiry’ and was awarded The Science Award while Ahmed Raza Sheriwala ‘practised French every lunch-time’ and earned the Language Prize.

Laibi Waqas enjoyed ‘natural musical ability’ and was presented with The Music Prize while Abigail Whitney Shortt was praised for her natural cooking ability and her Distinction Star in Food Technology earned her The Technology Award.

Talented artist India Barata won The Art Prize while Hannah Karbhari’s dedication earned her the Health and Social Award.

Sarah Bhatti showed hard work and commitment to be presented with the Computer Science Award while Mariyah Ummhaani worked to a high standard in and out of class to win the Business Award.

Huda Fazeel was a high achiever to earn The Child Development Prize.

The History Award was given to Amilah Abbas who grew from a shy, studious pupil to a confident one in her time at Pleckgate and achieved a Grade 9.

The Geography Award was presented to Ahmed Raza Sheriwala who strived for success and showed resilience and perseverance.

Maya Cheraghi Sochi won the Photography Prize for her imagination and drive while Sana Kazi earned a Grade 9 in Religion and World Views, two grades above her target grade, and showed a lively energy to win The Religious Education Prize.

Yusuf Pardesi represented Pleckgate at cross-country, football, cricket and more and won The Physical Education Prize.

Danial Ali attained the highest grade achievable to win The Sporting Award for Boys while Hannah Mangera represented the school in cross-country and netball, among others, and was always willing to give up her time to win The Sporting Award for Girls.

The Chair of Governors’ Prize was collected by Senior Prefect Danial Ali, described as a courageous young man, who faced every challenge thrown at him, was never afraid to speak and achieved outstanding grades.

The Headteacher’s Award was awarded to Amilah Abbas, an exceptional pupil who achieved outstanding GCSE results.

Services to School Head Boy prize was collected by Mohammed Nabeel Rashid who ‘brought a freshness to the role’, introduced new ideas and took part in many extra-curricular events.

Services to School Head Girl was given to Hafsah Khonat who led school initiatives, carried out extra-curricular work and was a high academic achiever.

Services to School Deputy Head Boy Award was presented to Taha Kazi, who worked tirelessly and was a good ambassador for the school while the Deputy Head Girl Laiba Waqas was also a superb ambassador for Pleckgate and rose to the challenge of her role.



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