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School will reopen on Tuesday 3 September – Year 7 – 8.20am and All other years – 11.10am

Class of 2024 Look to Future

Pleckgate’s Year 11 pupils have high ambitions from doctors, to accountants to network engineers. After completing their GCSE’s, a number of them spoke about their next steps.

Fatima said: “I want to go to Cardinal Newman College and study A-Levels in Business, Economics and Accounting as well as AS Core Level Maths.

“I want to go into business accounting. I am good with numbers and I hope to have my own business in accounting. “Pleckgate has been a great school, especially in helping with the next step in your career, they guide you all the way.”

Awaan is looking for an Apprenticeship as a Network Engineer. “I didn’t know what I wanted to do at school and then I took GCSE Computing and I really enjoyed it. I am looking at IT roles and am currently applying for Apprenticeships as I feel this would be better for me than college. “Miss Hartley, my Head of Year, has been brilliant with me. She has helped keep me focused and helped me in applying for roles.”

Mubeen has some decisions to make once she gains her final grades in August. “I will either go to St Wilfrid’s Sixth Form or Cardinal Newman College and study Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry and either Biology or Physics. I am keeping it open as, from these, I can go into medicine, accounting or engineering. “I have enjoyed my time at Pleckgate, the staff have been really helpful. I have been a prefect a was really involved in charity work, I have gained a lot from my school experience”

Yaseen  is also studying Science A-Levels. “I will either go to Tauheedul Sixth Form or Newman College and study Chemistry, Physics and Maths. I am also keeping my options open between engineering and medicine. “Since the first year at Pleckgate, I have been made a great group of friends and really enjoyed it. I have a lot of choices of possible career options now”

Fatima wants to be the first doctor in her family. “I want to go to St Wilfrid’s and study A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology. “I just love science, I find it interesting. I want to go into medicine and be an eye specialist, it’s fascinating. We have a pharmacist in my family and I want to be the first doctor. Pleckgate has been great for me, it’s a friendly environment and you have easy accesso help from teachers who help to inspire you about your future”.

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