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School will reopen on Tuesday 3 September – Year 7 – 8.20am and All other years – 11.10am

Pleckgate High School Year 11 pupils are aiming high as they look to the future after their GCSEs.
Fatima Patel will study A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths after achieving 9s in Maths, Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Physics as well as 8s in History and English Literature.
“I want to do something with maths or in medicine, like a GP,” said Fatima, who said she felt a mixture of shock and relief at her results.
“I know it will be hard work but I am prepared to do it.  The maths is really strong at Pleckgate so it has helped me a lot.
I am sad to be leaving but I am excited for the future.”
Inaam Khan may also follow a career in medicine as a GP.
“I want to study Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Further Maths at St Mary’s College,” said Inaam, who was the school cricket captain.
“I like to help people so this would be a perfect job.”
And he has got the grades he needs with 9s in Maths and Chemistry, an A* in Further Maths and 8s in Geography, Religious Studies and Physics.
“I’m really happy. I can’t believe it,” he added.
“I put the effort in but it just goes to show that if you do that you get the results.”
Muskan Jawaid is considering a career in dentistry after earning 9s in Maths and Chemistry and 8s in Religious Studies, Biology and Physics.
But she admits it is a wrench to leave Pleckgate.
“I adore Pleckgate and I am going to miss it. It is an amazing school,” she said.
“It’s the comfort and safety and being around all these teachers who look after you.  College is going to be hard, but I am looking forward to it.”
Muskan will now study A-Levels in Maths, Chemistry and Biology at St Mary’s.
“I may go into medicine, either as a dentist or an optician, but I am still exploring my options,” she added.
Haroon Abbas is undecided about his future – but he may also choose a career in medicine.
“I want to study A-Levels in Physics, Chemistry and Maths but I am still considering my options,” he said after achieving Grade 8 in Maths, History, Chemistry and Physics, as well as Grade A in Further Maths.
He will now study A-Level Physics, Maths and Chemistry at QEGS.
“I have loved my time at Pleckgate, I was in the cricket and table tennis team and the atmosphere is really good, the teachers go out of your way to help you.”
Mutahhara Kapadia is debating a career as a paramedic after achieving Grade 8 in Maths, Religious Studies, Biology, Chemistry and Physics and 7s in History and English Language and Literature.
“It’s beyond my expectations. It’s what I worked hard for but I’m in shock. I’m really happy though,” said Matahara, who will now study A-Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Economics at St Mary’s College.
“I am thinking about medicine, perhaps a paramedic, but also a career in finance.  I am leaning more towards medicine as I want to save lives. Although the Maths Department at Pleckgate is really strong and that’s made me think about finance as well.”
Raheem Akhtar is hoping to go further afield, to Cardinal Newman College in Preston.
“I went for an induction and their teachers seemed to know the syllabus and gave me confidence,” he said.
“I want to study Maths, Biology and Chemistry and I would like to work in veterinary science.  I love animals, I have researched it and so that’s my plan at the moment.  I have loved my time at Pleckgate, I haven’t always been the brightest but the teachers have helped me achieve my potential.”
Raheem earned a Grade 9 in Maths and 8s in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Religious Studies.
Ayesha Patel also wants to be a vet.
“I want to study A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and am debating between a vet or a therapist but I do love animals and want to help them,” she said.  “I have learnt such a lot at Pleckgate and learnt new skills which have boosted my confidence.”
Ayesha achieved 9s in Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics, an A* in Further Maths and 8s in Religious Studies, History and English Language and Literature.
“I’m really happy,” she said.  “I have worked hard and now I’m going to celebrate by putting my feet up.”
Kiah Page-Masterman wants to become a lawyer.
Kiah, who did a Drama GCSE last year, had her hair cut for the Little Princess Trust two years ago.
“I want to go to Clitheroe Grammar and study A-Levels in English Language, History, Sociology and Politics as I want to be a criminal lawyer,” said Kiah, who was an anti-bullying ambassador at school.
“I watch all the criminal TV programmes all the time, my favourite is Suits.”
Kiah celebrated 9s in Business, History and Religious Studies and a grade 8 on Maths.
Nasrin Bapu said she was “over the moon” with her results.
“I got nines!” she beamed, as she celebrated the top grade in Biology and Chemistry, as well as 8s in Maths, Religious Studies, History and Physics, and an A in Further Maths.
Nasrin will now study Biology, Chemistry and Maths A levels at Runshaw College.
Fariha Hoque wants to become a psychiatrist in order to help people with mental illness and raise awareness.
She earned 9s in Maths, Biology and Chemistry as well as 8s in Religious Studies, Physics and English Literature, and an A* in Further Maths and will now go to Clitheroe Royal Grammar School Sixth Form to study Psychology, German, Maths and Biology.
“I’d like to be a psychiatrist. Some people don’t think mental illness is an illness because it’s not visible so I want to help those who suffer,” she said.

GCSE Maths in Year 10

It’s an early count for 23 Pleckgate pupils who took their Maths GCSE exam a year early.

Year 10s sat this year’s exam, with 11 achieving the maximum Grade 9, while eight earned Grade 8 and four achieved Grade 7.
Maths teacher James McKenzie believes the teenagers are destined for a bright future in the subject.
“It’s exceptional,” he said. “It really shows exactly what success at that level looks like and they can now model that in all other subjects and take their Maths studies further and prepare for A-level year.
“Hopefully they are Maths degree pupils of the future.
“It gives them such a leg up.”

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