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Please note: School closes for the Summer term on Friday 19 July 2024 at 12.10pm.

High Aspirations

Pleckgate pupils are aiming to make a difference in the medical world after completing their GCSEs.

Sanaa Surgeon will study biology, chemistry and psychology A-Levels at St Mary’s College.

“I enjoy research and have looked into the various professions and I would like to be an oncologist.”

Tameeza Bhindiwala will study the same subjects at St Mary’s as Sanaa but wants to be an optometrist specialist.

“I have always had an interest in medicine and eyes, luckily I am not squeamish,” said Tameeza.

“My parents have a business and have always inspired me to follow my dreams and I do want to be a specialist at a hospital and make a difference.”

Amirah Usman is considering a job in neurology.

“I want to study biology, chemistry, English and history at St Mary’s,” said Amirah. “I want to go into medicine in my future career, maybe something to do with the brain, while I enjoy history and English which is why I have chosen them.”

Khizer Ayub’s dream job is a pharmacist.

“I like biology and am good with numbers so a pharmacist is the perfect job,” said Khizer, who will study A-Levels in biology, chemistry and maths at St Mary’s.

Meanwhile, two of Pleckgate’s high-flying pupils have their sights set on careers in engineering.

Head boy Umer Patel has secured a prestigious Apprenticeship with Bae Systems.

“Engineering was something I had always wanted to do and Bae Systems came into school to do a workshop and this helped me decide.

 “It was a tough assessment day, it was competitive. There was an interview, a team work task, a dexterity test and then re-taking of our on-line assessment. Being Head Boy has got me used to public speaking and interviews so I think that helped me.

 “When I heard I had got a place, it was a dream come true.”

 Mohamed Yusuf-Hasan wants to take a BTEC in Engineering alongside a maths A-Level at Blackburn College.

“I like maths and physics and taking a BTEC is more hands-on and in-depth. I want to work for a big engineering company.”

Meanwhile Taiba Akhtar hopes to take some of the mentoring skills she has learnt at school into the wider world.

“I love English, it’s my strongest subject, and will take English Language, sociology and psychology A-Levels and I have considered becoming an English teacher.

“If I can’t do that I would like to be a consultant to young people. I was a prefect at Pleckgate and was on empathy duties, which meant I dealt with any problems the Year Sevens had. I found I was a good listener and enjoyed giving advice and helping them so that is something to consider.”

 Pupil Huzeffah Ashraf has two choices for his future career.

“I am stuck between accountant and doctor,” said Huzeffah. “I want to take A-Levels in maths, chemistry and another subject – I am not sure yet – at St Mary’s College.”

Jawad Hussain will take maths, physics and chemistry at St Mary’s. He said: “I am an all-rounder in all my subjects so I am keeping my options open. I will just see what happens!”

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