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Please note: School closes for the Summer term on Friday 19 July 2024 at 12.10pm.

Humanutopia event for Year 9 pupils

Year 9 were encouraged to chase their dreams as Humanutopia delivered their ‘Who Am I?’ programme in school.

This programme challenges pupils to think about positive changes they could make and encourages them to consider and chase their dreams.

The programme was split into three sections:

  • Comfort Zone: where pupils reflect on the past and reflect on how they have become the person they are. This session can go from laughter to deep reflection.
  • Stretch Zone: where pupils consider the present and how it could be different if each person behaved differently. The activities involved in this encourage interaction outside their normal friendship zones
  • Panic Zone: where pupils imagine who they could be in their future, discussing dreams, hopes, goals and ambitions.

Mrs Savage, Head of World Religion and PSHE said: “It’s a very powerful day involving the past, present and future, with pupils thinking about how they have got to where they are now and how they can get to where you want to be.”

“The day concluded with every pupil committing to make three positive changes to improve their future.”

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