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Please note: School closes for the Summer term on Friday 19 July 2024 at 12.10pm.

Humanutopia visit Pleckgate

As part of Super Learning Day, Year 9 were involved in a special day led by Humanutopia.  The whole year group were involved in a series of events that were designed to help them reflect on how their decisions, choices and actions can impact on others.  The whole day was an exceptionally moving experience that enabled an inner confidence in some pupils that they never realised they had.

Our Year 9 pupils were a credit to the school showing outstanding levels of behaviour and maturity whilst getting fully involved in all of the activities.  The course was very well received by pupils who stated that whilst it was emotional, it opened their eyes to how their actions can affect the people around them and made them think about how they might act differently in future.  Mr Pickup, Head of Year 9 described the day as “a thoroughly enjoyable experience for my year group, thought provoking and challenging and I believe that the pupils gained a great deal from the day.

Pupils from year 9 spoke about their experiences below:

‘This experience has been a great eye-opener and has helped me understand that I need to improve on a lot of things.’ Aqib Hussain

‘This has taught me to be myself and to help me think about my future and my past.’ Sofia Desai

‘This event taught me to be more considerate of other people and their opinions.’ Darelle Kafulu

‘I found today to be very helpful and it has helped me to understand and think about what other people might feel.’ Zainah Khan

‘Very helpful and helped me to think about the consequences of my actions.’ Aleena Rizwan

‘It has opened my eyes to how my actions and my behaviour may affect other people.  It is important to understand that all our actions can have consequences.’ Khadijah Wadiwala

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