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Pleckgate High School teachers have been fasting to help them understand how some of their pupils feel during Ramadan.

Head of RE Mrs Savage, whose department has a Gold Level Quality Mark, fasted for one day alongside Sarah Roxby, Sarah Belshaw, Joan Taylor, Mr Murray and Rachel Salthouse.

They were working in conjunction with One Voice Blackburn under the hashtag #Imnotamuslimbutiwillfastforoneday, supported by Building a Stronger Britain Together.

Another of their teachers, business teacher Catherine Coulthard is fasting for the whole month of Ramadan, meaning she will not eat or drink for 19 hours every day.

“The pupils are respectful that I am fasting to support them even though it’s not my religion.

“Going without food isn’t a problem but not being able to drink is an eye-opener and makes you appreciate having a tap and a fridge for cold drinks.”

Mrs Savage said: “We want to take part to show support to our Muslim pupils and staff at Pleckgate who fast every year during Ramadan. This year in particular, our Year 11 Muslim pupils are fasting whilst doing their GCSE exams and they rarely complain or use it as an excuse not to work, so we wanted to try and fast to see how they feel.”

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