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Ofsted will be inspecting Pleckgate on Wednesday 28th and Thursday 29th March 2023.

Pleckgate pupils have given the newly refurbished library the thumbs up!

Over the summer, the library has undergone extensive work to give it a major facelift.

There are new shelves, new tables, new chairs and new books which has made it a friendlier and more modern environment for learning and reading.

Librarian Mrs Hanson said: “It’s absolutely amazing. We have only just opened and the reaction from the pupils has all been positive, everyone wants to come in and have a look around. It’s the heart of the school.”

English teacher Mrs Jackson said: “All the pupils are excited to use the new library. There are new books which means there is something for everyone. It will encourage reading and studying.”

Year 8 were in the library for the first time.

Imaan said: “I like it, it’s different and classy.”

Simra said: “It’s a very good change, it’s a comfortable environment for learning.”

Sumayya said: “It’s the first time I have been in and I like it. It’s more spacious than the other library.”

Zaara added: “It’s really different. It will encourage me to read more.”

The Year 11 Prefect Librarians believe they now have the perfect job.

Safiyah said: “It makes our job a lot easier. We have to scan, put books away but also make sure people are respectful. The new layout helps us do this.”

Abi added: “I like the curved shelves and the extra seating. It’s more modern.”


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