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Mrs Millest awarded a Bronze Winner at the Pearson National Teaching Awards

Head of Year 7 Mrs Millest has been awarded the status of Bronze Winner at the prestigious 2024 Pearson National Teaching Awards and has been described as ‘one in a million’ by her colleagues.
Mrs Millest was nominated for her long service and dedication to Pleckgate in the Lifetime Achievement category. Mrs Millest has worked at Pleckgate for 35 years, initially as a music teacher and then Head of Music. She has inspired a love of music and participated in a number of schools shows, Christmas productions and more.
The entry stated: “Mrs Millest’s commitment to education goes beyond the classroom, she has actively involved the school community and built relationships with thousands of parents, carers and former pupils who often come back to school to visit her.
“Mrs Millest has shared her passion for music, theatre, and the arts with her pupils, enriching their educational experience. Mrs Millest moved to the pastoral team and became Head of Year in 2009, whilst still a full-time music teacher. Mrs Millest has supported literally thousands of children at Pleckgate; she has guided, supported, advised, nurtured and ultimately helped them to become successful young people.”
One of Mrs Millest’s pastoral team said: “She is exceptional because in her role as a Head of Year she raises the standard of education and pastoral care across all areas. She is outstanding in her approach and works so hard to educate and care for the pupils in every aspect of school life.
“She also makes a huge contribution to the extra-curricular life of the school, enrichment activities and clubs, trips and visits, charity work and community service. Zoe has managed year groups 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 meaning that her knowledge and expertise is wide ranging, from transition to secondary school, option processes and preparation for GCSE examinations.
“Zoe’s legacy in education is likely to be profound. Through her tireless dedication and passion, she has not only impacted the lives of individual pupils but has also contributed to the overall culture of Pleckgate High School. Her emphasis on music, theatre, and the arts has helped to create a school community that values creativity, expression, and personal growth. She is one in a million and we are so fortunate to have such a dedicated, loyal and committed member of our team. Mrs Millest is an amazing role model for others.”
A statement from the Pearson National Teaching Awards stated: “This year, the exceptional quality of entries from educational settings across the UK posed a significant challenge for our judges in shortlisting finalists.
“Although Mrs Millest did not advance to the final judging stage in the Lifetime Achievement category she has been awarded the status of Bronze Winner.”
Learning Pastoral Support Officer, Mrs Patel was nominated in the Unsung Hero category but didn’t make the final shortlist. She is described as an ‘absolute star’ by her colleagues.
Her nomination said: “Mrs Patel has extremely good relationships with not only the pupils at Pleckgate High School, but also their families and any agencies that may be working with them.
“By being able to speak a number of languages, she is readily able to communicate with a number of families, not only those within her year group.
“We absolutely rely on the knowledge, skills and experience of Mrs Patel in being able to support family liaison. Mrs Patel works in a team of 10 pastoral staff, including five Heads of Year and five Learning and Pastoral Support Officers.”
“She has supported a number of less experienced staff and this has had a huge impact on these members of staff and the pupils in their care. She is exceptionally well prepared, organised and conscientious. Mrs Patel is an outstanding role model for young Asian women. Mrs Patel is without a doubt an unsung hero. She goes above and beyond, is diligent, determined, resourceful and constantly achieves positive outcomes for everyone she works with. She is an absolute star.”
The Awards letter said: “It is important for all nominees to know that their dedication and impact on learners and colleagues within their community, as well as on the profession as a whole, is highly valued.
“Every nominee of the Pearson National Teaching Awards should feel a sense of professional pride in being acknowledged by their peers.”
Mrs Millest will receive a certificate, a personal letter from Pearson President, Michael Morpurgo, and a Bronze Winner lapel pin.
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