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Parent writes to Ofsted saying Pleckgate is ‘exceptionally great at what they do for children’ 

A parent has taken time to write to Ofsted to praise the care his child received at Pleckgate and also the school for being ‘exceptionally great at what they do for children.’

The letter began: “I am writing to express my gratitude to Pleckgate High School for supporting my daughter over her five years at the school.”

It praised former Headteacher Mr Cocker as ‘phenomenal’ for the assistance and support given to his child and then the ‘great care and consideration’ provided by current Headteacher Mrs McGinty.

It also highlighted the care of SENCO Ms Langfield saying: “She was brilliant in dealing with any issues and put her heart and soul into the support for my child so she had a safe transition to her current school Crosshill.

“She managed the transition amazingly and was always understanding. Due to the help and support Ms Langfield provided she settled into her new school extremely well and is now making great progress.”

The letter also highlighted the work done by Deputy Headteacher Mr Hamilton. It said: “He has worked tirelessly for the school for over 30 years and we appreciate the contribution Mr Hamilton made to our child’s progress.”

It ended: “Pleckgate are a school who should be praised at every level because they are exceptionally great at what they do for children.”

Ofsted responded by letter saying they will use the information for the next inspection.

The Inspector stated: “I was encouraged by the comments on the care and support that your daughter has received from the leaders and staff.

“I was also pleased to read that you feel that you daughter’s transition to her new school has gone smoothly.”

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