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Please note: School will be closed from Thursday 28th March from 2.40pm and will reopen on Monday 15th April at 8.20am however school will be open to support Year 11 in their final exam preps from Tuesday 2nd April – Friday 12 April between 10am -4pm.

Pleckgate pupils raised an incredible £2,636 for charity!

Generous Pleckgate pupils raised £2,636 for Blackburn-based charity Benefit Mankind to raise funds following the recent humanitarian crisis in Morocco and Libya.

Pupils put on a number of events in school, including selling sweet cones made by the Senior Prefect team, wearing green or red accessories to school and a raffle to win a Nintendo Switch, kindly donated by The Adhan Group.

Salim from The Adhan Group, said: “The Adhan Group are always happy to support local institutions seeking to make a difference in the world today.  Pleckgate High School and their thought for others in need are a shining example of how the young people of Blackburn are making a difference”

Dr Mulla, CEO of Benefit Mankind, said: “We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated staff, students, and supportive parents of Pleckgate High School.  The funds raised by Pleckgate High School have been instrumental in providing essential aid, medical care, and support to those affected by the earthquake in Morocco.  Lives have been saved, and the path to recovery has been paved, thanks to their selfless contributions. “

“Benefit Mankind are immensely grateful for the school’s dedication to making the world a better place and hope that this inspiring partnership will continue to flourish, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and humanitarianism.”

Click here to read more in Lancashire Telegraph:

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