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A group of schools in East Lancashire came together to promote Safer Internet Day.

The schools are all part of the Education Partnership Trust and met at our Ofsted-outstanding Pleckgate High School to offer guidance to pupils using the internet, looking at both the positives and negatives.

Other schools involved included The Heights, Blackburn and Burnley, Eden and Coal Clough Academy and it was the first time the EPT schools have worked together, with further events planned for the future.

The day involved examining on-line activities such as gaming, sexting, cyber-bullying and more.

Mr Saleh, who led the Safer Internet Day, said: “It was a fantastic day where all involved collaborated and celebrated this year’s theme; ‘Together for a Better Internet’.

“The activities involved helped in understanding the many positives of the internet, and to raise awareness of the issues that children and young people face online today.

“Internet safety education is a crucial element of the curriculum and an essential part of young people’s development and it was a pleasure to work alongside young children and staff from the EPT who came together in a cohesive, cooperative and interactive manner.”

Chief Executive of the EPT Mrs Roscoe added: “This was a great example of collaboration across the EPT where pupils and staff from our schools worked together to raise awareness of internet safety and improve outcomes.”

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