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Year 11 GCSE Exams start on Monday 16th May and run until 23rd June
School is closed for half term from 3.00pm Friday 27th May. School Re-opens at 8.20am Monday 6th June.

Our School Library opened to students at the end of September 2021. This was following our Library
being closed for more than a year due to Coronavirus restrictions.
Over the Summer break the Library underwent a reorganisation and a large selection of new books
were purchased following feedback from existing students.
Currently the Library is open at breaktime and lunchtime, but we are hoping that in the very near
future it will be open for teachers to bring their classes down for reading lessons.
Students are enjoying spending time in our new look Library and having the opportunity to borrow
library books again in order to be able to read for pleasure.
The Library is open to students at breaktime and lunchtime as follows:
Monday – Year 11 only
Tuesday – Year 10 only
Wednesday – Year 9 only
Thursday – Year 8 only
Friday – Year 7 only

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