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Sponge The Teacher! National Charity Week

It’s revenge time for pupils at Pleckgate High School as they will be holding a ‘Sponge The Teacher’ on Thursday for charity.

The Islamic Relief Organisation’s #UniteOurPowers campaign is to raise funds for Muslim and non-Muslim children who are suffering all over the world.

Pleckgate are holding a week of events to raise money and pupils can pay £1 to ‘Sponge The Teacher’ – something some of them are relishing.

History teacher Miss Slater seems to be a favourite to get a soaking.

Aleena said: “I want to sponge Miss Slater because she made me sit next to a boy!”

Furkan said: “It’s Miss Slater for me too just for fun!”

Head teacher Mr Cocker was also a popular choice.

Shalin said: “I was late one day due to the one-way system he has introduced in the corridors so it’s Mr Cocker for me.”

Zayn added: “Definitely Mr Cocker because of the one-way system.”

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