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Extra CurricularTrips

Visit to Ribchester – Pupil Account

Below is an account written by Alisha Lakhi of her visit to Ribchester learning about the Romans.

On Friday the 13th of October, me and some of my fellow pupils set off  to Ribchester in search for more information about the  Romans. When arriving at the Ribchester Roman museum, we were greeted by a gentlemen who took us to a small room where the Romans once were more than 2,000 years ago. Surprisingly, there was one thing that shocked me the most; the difference in meaning of what an object is and what an artefact is. An artefact is something that is made by a human being whereas an object is  something that you can see and touch.

We also found out that when the Romans invaded Britain, there were people called celts. They invaded Britain for the following things: riches,lands,slaves and metals such as:iron,lead,zinc,copper,silver and gold.  By invading Britain, they gave us straight roads,aqueducts,central heating and concrete.

Within Ribchester, archeological findings have revealed that a Roman bath house was built, a fort  and also kernels of corn have been discovered.  They have recently created a 3D model of  the fort and settlement of Bremetenacum Veteranorum (a Roman fort). This virtual 3D model is controlled via an Xbox controller.

After our informative talk, some people tried on some Roman clothing as well as looking  at some interesting artefacts and  archeological findings. As we looked downstairs, there were many more artefacts which were covered in glass casings.  Reading the information about each item was very fascinating as some of them explained the lifestyle of Roman civilians.

Finally, we then advanced to the gift shop where I bought a gold plaited bracelet. My trip to Ribchester was overall very interesting as it expanded my knowledge about the Romans.

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