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Year 10 Assessments begin on Monday 22nd April.
Year 8 Parents Evening is on Tuesday 30th April.
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Year 9 pupils win the Magistrates Mock Trial!

Year 9 pupils represented Pleckgate High School competing in the Magistrates Mock Trial in March 2024 at the North West Regional Heat. Pupils defended and prosecuted cases against other schools including Tauheedul Islamic Girls School, Broughton and Hodgson High Schools.
Pupils were able to secure a ‘conviction’ when they were prosecuting and an ‘acquittal’ when they were defending. Pupils represented solicitors, legal advisors, witnesses and members of the court as they put forward convincing arguments for both sides of the case.

Pleckgate pupils were successful in being crowned as winners of the North West Regional Heat and are pictured here with  Judge Andrew Jefferies KC and Judge Sarah Dodd.

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