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A Day of Inspiration and Creativity with Authors SF Said and Lily Bailey

A group of pupils had the privilege to participate in a virtual session with renowned author SF Said, known for his work “Tyger.”

During the Zoom talk, Said delved into the depths of his book, sharing insights and anecdotes while graciously fielding questions from the eager audience.

Following the session, the pupils were introduced to Lily Bailey, the talented author behind “When I See Blue.” Bailey shared her personal journey and how her experiences with OCD as a child inspired her writing. She recounted her coping mechanisms through therapy sessions and left a lasting impact on all those present.

The highlight was when Lily signed copies of her book and took memorable photos with each pupil.

The day didn’t end there; fuelled by creativity, the pupils engaged in a hands-on activity crafting their own bookmarks using cardstock and various craft supplies. This interactive experience sparked their imagination.

Overall, it was an enriching day filled with learning opportunities. The pupils gained valuable insights into the creative process of authors – from initial ideas to published works that can take years to come to fruition. It was an event that not only broadened their horizons but also ignited their passion for literature and storytelling.

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