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School will be closed on Monday 17th June due to a Staff Inset Day. School will reopen on Tuesday 18th June at 8.20am.

A visit to Liverpool World Museum

Year 7 pupils increased their knowledge of the world we live in with a trip to Liverpool World Museum.
Forty Year 7 pupils and five members of staff made the journey to the museum where they could discover incredible objects from around the world and meet live creatures.
Miss Bury said: “Each floor contained a mind-boggling array of wonders to learn about and admire. Pupils were asked to complete a booklet of questions about the facts they were learning about as well as add their own questions and answers from the information they saw.
“This allowed some competitive pupils the opportunity to challenge themselves to see how quickly they could find the answers whilst others took their time to meander around the different displays.”
On the first floor is an aquarium where pupils got up close to strange and interesting looking creatures such as axolotls, as well as finding out the number of different fish species and why the oceans move.
The second floor was home to the Bug House with creepy crawlies to count the legs of and a chance to study arthropods and their exoskeletons. The third floor took pupils back to the Ancient Egyptians, writing in hieroglyphics and wearing amulets of scarabs to symbolise new life and rebirth. A side room further engaged the pupils, showing mummies and an extensive display of decorated caskets to stimulate the imagination.
There was also the World Culture exhibit showing a variety cultural artefacts from places such as China, Japan, Americas, Sierra Leone, Africa and Ghana. The poetry room on this floor also attracted pupils to spend a few quiet minutes listening to the poems read about the different artefacts on display. The fourth floor was all about dinosaurs and finding out that some ate rocks to help them digest their food! The Evolution journey helped to show how some species are related to others such as the mammoths and the Asian elephants.
The fifth and final floor took pupils back in time to discover when domestic clocks came into the mainstream. The genius of the clock and watchmakers on show highlighted the intricacy and impressive engineering skills from the 15th Century!
This floor also allowed pupils to ‘venture’ into space, showing how astronauts live in space and some of the technology needed to get them, and keep them, there.
Miss Bury added: “Pupils left with more knowledge of the fantastic world we, and all the other species past and present, inhabit.”
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