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GCSE History Visit to Blackburn Museum

As part of their GCSE History studies a group of pupils walked to Blackburn Museum.  Along the way they were able to appreciate the scale of the houses on East Park Road which reflected the wealth created in Blackburn by the cotton industry making it comparable to Dubai today.

At the museum Steve Irwin delivered a fascinating talk on public health in Blackburn using the artefacts in the museum to show its growth from a village to a large industrial town.  The impact of this growth on public health was delivered with Steve’s usual historical precision, boundless enthusiasm and sense of humour. This was followed by a tour of the museum, including the famous mummy, then lunch in Corporation Park learning about the park’s rich history including using the lake for drinking water.

The pupils all enjoyed the trip and came back to school enthused with a love of history and a renewed respect for their home town of Blackburn.

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