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Please note: School will be closed from Thursday 28th March from 2.40pm and will reopen on Monday 15th April at 8.20am however school will be open to support Year 11 in their final exam preps from Tuesday 2nd April – Friday 12 April between 10am -4pm.

“Generation Global” – Video link with Palestine!

Pleckgate High School signed up to be part of Generation Global, which is part of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.   “The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change aims to make globalisation work for the many rather than the few.  We do this by helping countries, their people and their governments, to reduce poverty, inequality, extremism and conflict.”

We signed up as a school because video-conferences immerse pupils in an entirely new experience. Generation Global connect classrooms across the world, allowing pupils to explore, articulate, and develop their own views, while encountering and considering the views of others.

On Wednesday 20th March, 25 Year 9 pupils took part in a video-conference with 20 girls from Noor al-Huda Girls School in Palestine. Here is what some of our pupils said about their experience:


“Generation Global was a great opportunity to communicate with different schools around the world” Mehrin Bapu


“It was an amazing experience to speak to the girls from Noor al-Huda Girls School in Palestine. I’d love to talk to them again.” Haniya Khan


“Generation Global gave me a pleasant experience as well as learning new skills to navigate differences in a peaceful way” Sophia Kazi


“Sharing my identity, my school life and hobbies was a great way to become friends with people I thought were different but actually had so much in common with me.” Lathifa Shakira


“I am so grateful to Mrs Savage for letting us take part in this excellent, enjoyable event” Mahnoor Rashid


“This conference was a great opportunity and it has shown me that everyone’s opinions are different and that is what makes us all unique” Saba Ansari

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