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High Achieving Maths Pupils

A large class of Pleckgate High School Year 10s are preparing to take their Maths GCSE a year early.
Last year, around 20 pupils passed their GCSE Maths in Year 10 and the same number are hoping it adds up to success again this year.
Over the years, Pleckgate’s Maths GCSE results have put their high achievers in the top one per cent in the country.
Last August, the school continued to make strong progress in Maths, with an exceptional haul of 11 Grade 9’s and 23 Grade 8’s.
Maths teacher Mr Khan said: “At Pleckgate, we give our high achieving pupils the chance to take their Maths GCSE a year early and then next year they can concentrate on a further Maths GCSE.

“Our Year 10s have achieved some outstanding Maths results over the years and we are expecting the same from this current group.”

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