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Year 11 GCSE Exams start on Monday 16th May and run until 23rd June
School is closed for half term from 3.00pm Friday 27th May. School Re-opens at 8.20am Monday 6th June.

Parents urged to collect Morrisons tokens

By 15 October 2021No Comments

Pleckgate students want to watch their gardens grow by encouraging parents to collect tokens from Morrisons.

The Morrisons ‘It’s Good to Grow’ scheme was launched recently and, for every £10 spent at the superstore, tokens are giving out.

Pleckgate are hoping to amass 2,500 tokens which they will then turn into gardening equipment for the school.

“Our eco-committee will decide what to use the tokens for whether it’s seeds for planting, hedgehog houses or items such as bird houses for wildlife,” said geography teacher Mrs Banks.

“We want to maintain our flower beds or create vegetable patches and get our students involved in going green.”

Parents can download the MyMorrisons app and use it every time at the checkout.

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