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School will be closed on Monday 17th June due to a Staff Inset Day. School will reopen on Tuesday 18th June at 8.20am.

Pleckgate success stories: Miss Johnston

Miss Johnston says she ‘absolutely loves’ the Pleckgate pupils – and she is aspiring to be a full-time teacher after progressing at the school.

Miss Johnston is a familiar face to many of Pleckgate’s children as she began as a LPSO (Learning and Pastoral Support Officer).

“I always wanted to work in a school in the pastoral side of it and began at the EPT (Education Partnership Trust) which Pleckgate is a part of it as a Teaching Assistant.

“I went to Edgehill and studied Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Wellbeing and came to Pleckgate in September 2022 as a LPSO and also an Assistant Head of Year.

“I completed a year in Pastoral and then I flourished into an Assistant Head of Year which I was really proud of.

“They offered to train me as an ITT (Initial Training Teacher) in Religion and World Views, Health and Social Care and PHSC and I now spend 13 hours a week teaching.

“I always wanted to work with children and I love all the departments I work for as they are so passionate about their subject.

“My passion is Health and Social Care as that’s what I did my degree in and I love teaching that.

“Now I want to become a full-time teacher and Pleckgate have offered me the way to do this.”

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