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School will be closed on Monday 17th June due to a Staff Inset Day. School will reopen on Tuesday 18th June at 8.20am.

Pleckgate’s first Careers Fair

We held our first Careers Fair and it was a huge success!

The event was for Year 8-11, giving them the chance to think about their futures and hear about the different careers pupils can take.

There was a host of employees, businesses, apprenticeship opportunities, colleges and more talking to pupils.

Year 8 Hadia said: “It’s been really interesting, seeing all the different careers.”

Year 8 Aisha said: “My sister is in the NHS so I am thinking about careers in health but it is opening my mind to all the different options.”

Ramisha said: “My dad’s an engineer so I am looking at engineering opportunities but I also thinking about being a lawyer.”

Year 11 Aisha said: “I have spent a lot of time with the RAF section as I want to work in the medical section of the RAF. I like helping people and this has given me a lot more information about it.”

Year 11 Sunna said: “I am filling in the form for Blackburn College although I am not sure what I want to take yet.”

Arzu added: “I am interested in studying Early Years as Blackburn College as I want to work with children but I am looking around to see if anything else tempts me.”

Story’s Learning and Development Partner Scott Barrie said: “I am enjoying being at Pleckgate, we have had a fantastic response from the pupils. They are really interested in everything, especially in engineering, so there are a lot of pupils coming to talk to us.”

Community Rail Lancashire’s Shahiesta Raja said: “There has been a lot of interest in the rail industry. It’s good to engage with young people and promote careers in the rail industry.

“People think it’s just conductors and train drivers but there are so many roles such as finance, IT, graphic design, customer service and more. The girls are especially asking questions which is good.”

Lancashire Constabulary’s Hazra Patel said: “We have been promoting the cadet opportunities and also emphasising the diverse jobs in policing. It’s not just being a police officer but there are so many other roles within Lancashire Constabulary and I think that has surprised pupils.”

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