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Please note: School will be closed from Thursday 28th March from 2.40pm and will reopen on Monday 15th April at 8.20am however school will be open to support Year 11 in their final exam preps from Tuesday 2nd April – Friday 12 April between 10am -4pm.

Tug of War for MacMillan

Kind-hearted Pleckgate pupils were testing their strength for MacMillan Cancer Support.

A representative from the cancer charity came into school to talk about the work they do with patients and families and how they help support people with cancer.

The Year 11’s were so touched they decided to hold a tug-of-war event and raise money for the charity.

Pupil Anneka  said: “The MacMillan people talked about the help and support they give emotionally and financially to people who are suffering with cancer and how they try to make their life better.

“We decided to hold a tug-of-war competition and it’s been great fun while also raising money for charity.  We are busy preparing for our GCSEs so this helped switch our minds off for a short while.”

Nabeeha said: “You hear a lot of stories about cancer and it has affected the families of people here.  The tug-of-war was a great idea and it was fun but also competitive! It’s important to carry out charity work.”

Head of Year Mr Clegg said: “This event showed what fantastic people we have at Pleckgate, it was a good competition, it was a great atmosphere whether teams were winning or losing and it raised money for an important cause.”

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