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School will reopen on Tuesday 3 September – Year 7 – 8.20am and All other years – 11.10am


Industries connected with STEM are one the fastest growing in the world and we actively encourage and support our pupils to get involved in STEM. At Pleckgate, we offer pupils STEM opportunities through the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics curriculum, as well as numerous opportunities outside the classroom, including our STEM club.  All of our pupils have the opportunity to be part of an exciting STEM experience as part of our broad and balanced curriculum.

STEM subjects specifically develop the following skills:

  • Numerical skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Logical thought
  • Investigative skills
  • Scientific research
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Communication skills

We believe that the STEM skills enable our young people to not only prepare for the future, but to shape the future.  We know that it is important for our pupils to be able to make connections across subjects so they have a deeper knowledge and understanding of key topics.


Pupils gain knowledge and skills that directly link to a wide range of STEM careers.

  • Year 7 pupils attend the BAE Careers Roadshow, pupils learn how STEM can help career opportunities.
  • Year 9 pupils take part in the Physics Olympics, developing an understanding of forces and energy.
  • Year 10 pupils attend the ‘Hello Healthcare’ event at Manchester University and learn about careers in medicine and medical research.

Pupils regularly develop critical thinking skills that allow them to understand and process data in many different contexts. Pupils are taught to use advanced laboratory equipment to conduct a range of experiments.


  • Year 8 pupils take part in the Faraday Challenge and design a prototype of a road safety device.
  • Pupils learn how to use industry standard 3D CAD (computer aided design) and 3D print parts and product design, using CAD software.

Pupils develop their knowledge of material properties through traditional manufacturing skills.  These are combined with the use of CAD and laser cutting so that modern approaches to manufacturing are understood and experienced by all pupils.


  • Year 7 pupils are involved in the ‘Race to the Line’ national engineering challenge. Race teams design and make an F1 style car.
  • Year 10 pupils interested in a career in automotive engineering, visit the new ‘HEAT Centre’, at Blackburn College. Pupils see the ‘Cars of the Future’ such as hydrogen fuel engines and electric cars, along with traditional petrol and diesel engines.


  • Pupils take part at the maths workshops at Lancaster University and take part in high level problem solving activities
  • Pupils develop their ability to pattern spot, use flexibility with numbers, understand shapes and measure.
  • They develop proficiency with mathematical modelling. These skills mean that pupils are able to apply their knowledge and skills to problems in different contexts, and make links between the STEM subjects.


  • Pupils attend our weekly STEM club and are working towards their  CREST Award.
  • Pupils have designed and built a steady hand game. They have designed, cut out and painted a base, as well as bending the wire for their track.
  • Pupils have also created an electronic circuit and soldered the pieces together, to make a working game.

The Community of Pleckgate has a local secondary school it can be proud of. It provides an excellent education for all its pupils. They flourish in a bright, positive and secure environment”

Ofsted 2019

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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