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Design & Technology

Head of Department
Miss L Parkinson


  • BSc(Hons) Consumer Product Science
  • PGCE in Design Technology: Food Technology

“Design and technology should be the subject where mathematical brainboxes and science whizz kids turn their bright ideas into useful products.”
James Dyson

From Michelin star chefs, to automotive engineers and architects to carpenters, mechanics and electricians. All of these careers and many more have design and technology at their core. By studying the design and technology curriculum pupils will be ready for any creative industry they choose to pursue in the future.

Design and technology offer an inspiring, challenging and practical curriculum to support pupils to think creatively and problem solve both as individuals and as members of a team. We encourage pupils to use their creativity and imagination, to design and make products and dishes that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts, considering their own and others’ needs.

At Pleckgate, design and technology allow pupils to design and create high quality products.  Technology puts skills into real life practical situations. Skills such as time management, problem solving, organising teams and an understanding of the value of resources, are developed throughout the curriculum.  Pupils deepen their understanding at key stage three by spending time in both hospitality and catering and product design allowing pupils to study important life skills. At key stage three, we offer a range of specialised subjects that allow pupils to further their skills and knowledge.

Hospitality and catering allow for practical experiences, cooking and life skills to develop independence, manage a budget and meet deadlines. The food curriculum has been specifically designed considering the diverse population of the school community.  Skills learnt at KS3 may then be developed further with the study of hospitality and catering where high-level practical skills are the key to success along with knowing how to run a catering business successfully.

Our Design and technology curriculum is sequenced so that pupils can confidently and successfully participate in an increasingly technological world and to be aware of wider influences of design and technology; including historical, innovative, social/cultural, environmental and economic factors. Pupils demonstrate high quality written communication, sketching and annotation as well as extending practical skills.  Pupils can also enjoy enrichment activities and competitions through our links with local colleges and BAE Systems. They also study the work of famous designers and innovators and the impact of technology and the role that designers have on the future of our planet and ecosystems.

Health and social care allows pupils to understand how the six life stages influence the physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of people. Pupils evaluate the impact of life events and then consider the seven care values in a care setting and the barriers to care services. The written examination allows pupils to deepen their understanding of health and wellbeing and how this can be improved to enable people to live a healthier lifestyle.

Child development gives a detailed and in depth look at how children develop from Infancy to early childhood. Pupils will conduct a child study and observe a child conducting activities and monitor the progress of the child. Pupils will also carry out research tasks and learn about pregnancy and birth as well as the importance of how children develop.

The design and technology curriculum links successfully with other STEM subjects in school such as mathematics and science. Pupils gain an insight into how these subjects work together and how they can develop their knowledge and understanding of the future. This is an exciting time to demonstrate the importance of STEM and how STEM can help to build and create a technological world for the next generation of young people.

Please note, every subject exercise book your child has contains a subject ‘Pleckgate Learning Journey’ that outlines the content covered, timelines and assessment points for the current year.

Miss L Parkinson

Head of Department

The Community of Pleckgate has a local secondary school it can be proud of. It provides an excellent education for all its pupils. They flourish in a bright, positive and secure environment”

Ofsted 2019

Ofsted Outstanding Provider
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